Recreation, Education and Health Promotion Activities


    The Office for the Aging supports a variety of recreation and health promotion activities with the help of the 8 local Adult Centers in the County and the Association of Senior Citizens.

    Recreation activities may include holiday parties, dances and other performances by local musicians, arts & crafts, bean bag, day trips, picnics, bingo and card games.

    Educational presentations are provided at the Adult Centers on issues of interest to seniors, and when new programs or services become available.

    Health Promotion activities are also provided through the Adult Centers, sometimes with the support of other agencies, such as the Franklin County Health Department.  Blood pressure clinics, flu and pneumonia shot clinics, and presentations on health issues are offered.  Some Adult Centers also offer exercise programs.

    The Directors of the Adult Centers work with their boards or committees to schedule and arrange these activities.  They produce a monthly calendar of events.  All events are open to seniors age 60 and over.  Guests under age 60 may be able to participate, depending on the event.  Some events may involve a charge.

    For information on the activities at Adult Centers, contact either the Center Director or the Association of Senior Citizens (518-481-1524).  The contact numbers for the Center Directors are below.  Or you may stop in at any Adult Center to pick up a copy of their monthly activity calendar.  See full listings with addresses for each Center under the Congregate Meal service category.


Adirondack Adult Center

Darlene LaFave, Association Coordinator


Fort Covington Adult Center

   Christine Benway, Association Coordinator


Brushton Adult Center

MaryAnn Durham, Association Coordinator


Malone Adult Center

Paulette Dear, Association Coordinator


Burke Adult Center

   Lorraine Simmons, Association Coordinator


St. Regis Falls Adult Center

   Karilee Rogers, Association Coordinator


Constable Adult Center

Teresa Robideau, Association Coordinator


Saranac Lake Adult Center

   Maureen Oldfield, Association Coordinator


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