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Franklin County Department of Social Services

Social Services

184 Finney Boulevard
Malone, NY 12953
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  DSS Mission Statement

To promote the better well being, health, education, and safety of those we serve in a manner, which provides dignity while encouraging the greatest self-sufficiency in those same individuals.


DSS is Franklin County's largest department in both number of employees and budget size. DSS employs 130 staff and has an annual budget of $27 - $30 million dollars. DSS main offices are located in the Courthouse in Malone. 

   Outreach offices are located in Saranac Lake and Tupper Lake.

   As its mission statement states DSS purpose is to serve those in need of assistance and services.  Assistance and service programs provided by DSS are mandated by NYS and the Federal governments and are available to qualifying residents of Franklin County.

   DSS is funded with NYS and Federal revenues as well as Franklin County tax dollars.  The previously mentioned budget of $27 - $30 million dollars is offset by NYS and Federal revenues which varies by program.  NYS and Federal revenues/reimbursements range from 25% to 100% depending on the program.

   DSS is comprised of 4 divisions:  Financial Assistance, Children and Family Services, Child Support Services and Administration. Administration supports the staff of the other three divisions.  A brief description of each department and programs they administer appear in the Programs and/Services section of the website. The Directory Section of this website will provide phone numbers and mailing addresses for each DSS location.

   It should be noted that DSS contracts certain mandated functions to other agencies with expertise to better provide services. For example, Domestic Violence Services and Employment Programs are contracted to other agencies.

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