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            This unit is responsible for all activities involved in resource and special investigation recoveries.  The Fraud Unit is responsible for intake, referral and reporting and for all fieldwork, collateral contacts and client interviews, investigates case information to determine if monies/benefits were received fraudulently.  Referrals are obtained by anonymous reports, Cintrak, RFI, new hire matches, prison matches and fleeing felon matches.  The "Fraud Squad" works to prepare completed investigations for criminal prosecution, administrative disqualification hearings or administrative dispositions while working with various law enforcement agencies, including the District Attorney's Office.  The Fraud Unit is responsible for pre- and post-inspections of rental properties for security deposits, screening of all applications for expedited food stamps and to do FEDS referrals on all TA, SN & FS applications that meet a FEDS indicator.  The Front-end Detection System (FEDS) became mandated in 1992.  This program is designed to prevent fraud at the point of intake or before a dollar loss has occurred.  Case information that appears suspicious to an examiner at the time of interview is referred to the investigation unit immediately.  The investigator then participates in the interview process, which can result in cases being closed, and applications withdrawn or denied.

          This unit is also responsible for monitoring and collections on all Temporary Assistance overpayments.  Tracking resources include information obtained through the New York State Cintrak computer system which matches information regarding an individual as reported by various agencies such as 1099's from the Internal Revenue (IRS), employment, Unemployment Insurance Benefits (U.I.B.) and Social Security.



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