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Foster Care

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   The Foster Care Unit is responsible for providing direct case management services to children placed in the care and custody of Franklin County Department of Social Services Commissioner and their families. 
    Children are placed either by Child Protective Services, Family Court or by caretakers unable or unwilling to care for their children. A child may be surrendered for adoption at any age prior to 14 (if it is in the child's best interest to be adopted).

    When children are placed in foster care, they can reside in a variety of settings such as, a certified foster home, an approved relative foster home, group residence or a residential treatment center. 
    Foster Care provides children, age newborn to 21, with temporary, loving and safe homes when their own families are unable to care for them.

    Foster Care Case Managers work with birth parents of children regarding alleviating the concerns that led to the children's placement in care. Areas of concern such as the birth parents need for treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, sexual abuse and emotional disturbance, and physical, mental, housing and employment problems and lack of knowledge of child development and parenting techniques. 
    Workers develop child and family service plans and regularly appear in Family Court. The goal for each child is safe, nurturing temporary care with return to family if possible, or adoption if the family cannot be reunited, or, if neither is possible, and then preparation for independent living or discharge to another resource.

     There are currently over 40 certified foster homes available for Franklin County children and we continually recruit and need more foster parents.

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