Adult Protective Services

Table Of Contents:
       Adult Services provides a variety of support services to the adult population of Franklin County.  Each worker is assigned to a geographic area.

    Protective Services for Adults (PSA) - is responsible for identifying and assisting individuals 18 years of age and older who are unable to function independently. Often, they are adults with mental impairments and/or physical illness or disabilities, who do not have someone willing or able to help meet their needs.

     The PSA staff provides the client with services such as case counseling, arranging for supportive services such as transportation or shopping for the homebound, and provides assistance in obtaining benefits such as Medicaid, Food Stamps, Social Security and Supplemental Security Income.  Caseworkers also manage clients' finances (if appropriate) to make sure their income and resources are protected.

     Staff members make referrals to community agencies that assist in identifying problems and providing help to potentially vulnerable adults.  The Department of Social Services works in conjunction with other agencies in order to plan cooperatively for adults in need of protection due to abuse and neglect by others or due to their own behavior. A guiding principle in PSA is that the least restrictive intervention should always be initiated.

      Residential Placement Services for adults includes assisting adults who need supervised living to find appropriate housing. Often these adults are being discharged from a hospital, although case management services are provided by the adult homes, some clients need assistance from PSA in accessing necessary benefits.

       For more information, contact (518)481-1815 .

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