Goodman Road in 1896, Malone
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Child Support Enforcement Unit


     Child Support Enforcement Unit (CSEU) was established pursuant to Title IV-D of the Social Security Act of 1975.  It is the single organization unit responsible to establish paternity for children born out of wedlock, locate and investigate non-custodial parents in order to establish support obligations, obtain Third Party  Health Insurance for dependent children and to enforce, collect and disburse court-ordered support payments for each case where an appropriate application has been completed and accepted.

The Child Support Enforcement Unit provides equal services for all DFS cases (TA, MA, IV-E, CW) and non-DSS cases (CSS) alike, pursuant to guidelines established by Federal, State and local governments.

     The Child Support Standards Act (CSSA) which took effect on September 15, 1989 gave CSEU a mandatory statewide guide to determine a non-custodial parent's ability to provide support.  The CSSA chart determines the minimum support obligation based on a percentage per child of the non-custodial parent's income.  Additional obligations can also be established for child care, health and educational expenses. This act establishes the premise that every parent is responsible for supporting his or her children.  If a parent's income is limited, he may fall into the poverty level guidelines.

     If you need assistance for Child support you may call the customer service helpline at 1-888-208-4485 or you may connect to website at The teletypewriter phone number for the hearing impaired is 1-866-875-9975 and the 800 number which can be used to check on payment information only 1-800-846-0773.

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