Franklin County Public Health is responsible for preventing residents from rabies infection. To do this, the County investigates all reported animal to human bites, and animal to animal bites; decides whether a rabid animal should be tested, confined or observed; and determines whether someone potentially exposed to rabies should be treated.

     Rabies clinics are held throughout the County, with the help of a local veterinarian, throughout the year. 

     Please visit our Documents section for some important facts about the rabies virus.


Franklin County Public Health-Rabies
355 West Main St
2nd Floor
Malone, NY 12953
Phone: 518-481-1709
If you have been bitten by an animal which may have been infected with rabies, please contact this number and report the incident to Public Health.
Rabies and Kids
This Web site provides kid-friendly facts about the rabies virus.
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