Home Care

Home Care


    The goal of Home Care is to provide patients with skilled nursing, physical therapy, speech pathology, occupational therapy, and home health aid services, which are provided at the request of a physician or authorized practitioner.

    There are two devices utilized by Public Health to make home care easier. The first is Med Partner, which helps patients take their medications correctly. It has 16 places for the patient's pill bottles, which are numbered on the top. The machine is programmed to remind the patient what time to take the medication, which numbered bottle to take and how much to take. The machine does not stop the reminders until the correct pill bottle has been removed and then replaced after the medication has been taken.

    The second device is the TeleHealth Monitor, which is installed in a patient's home by his or her nurse. The device is set so that at a particular time every day, the patient's blood pressure, pulse, oxygen levels, and weight measurement is taken. The vitals are then automatically transferred to the office where they are monitored to ensure that the patient's vitals are within their pre-determined parameters. If there is an issue with the patient's vitals, the nurse can then make a visit or the patient's doctor can be notified.

Director of Patient Services

As part of a Chronic Disease Management Program, a dedicated committee has put together an informational booklet on Congestive Heart Failure that will be given to patients with CHF. The booklet will be used as a teaching tool to help the patients more aware of their disease. It will also help the patient, families and care-givers to better manage CHF. The overall goal is to reduce acute hospitalizations, the committee will be working on other chronic diseases, such as COPD and Diabetes in the near future.

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Home Care Nursing Staff
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