Many deaths are attributed to vaccine-preventable diseases each year, and they continue to be a threat to the public's health. Vaccines are an effective way to prevent certain diseases and have a low rate of side effects.  Franklin County's vaccine programs include:

Vaccines for Children (VFC):    This program allows children 0 to 18 years old who are eligible to receive immunizations at a reduced cost.


Adults Hepatitis Vaccination:     This program allows adults 18 years of age and older who are eligible to receive Hepatitis A and B immunizations at a reduced cost.


We also provide vaccinations for people aged 18 and older who do not qualify for these programs; there is a charge for these vaccinations. For more information, please call 518-481-1710 or send an email to


Immunization Nurse
Franklin County Public Health
Christine Quinn CHN
355 West Main St
Suite 425
Malone, NY 12953
Phone: 518-481-1708
Fax: 518-481-1108
Senior Account Clerk
Franklin County Public Health
Terri Thompson
355 West Main St

Phone: 518-481-1680
Fax: 518-481-1108
To schedule an immuization appointment give Terri a call 
Centers For Disease Control and Prevention's Vaccine and Immunizations

On this website you can view many types of inforamtion in regards to vaccine and immunization.  They discuss laws in rgards to vaccine, what vaccine's insurance companies are required to cover and the different vaccines and who needs them.

NYSDOH Immunization Website Homepage

On this NYSDOH webiste you can view information on Vaccine Safety and the Importance of receiving all required vaccine.

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