Board of Legislators

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         The Franklin County Legislature is the governing body of the county, exercising a wide variety of administrative and legislative responsibilities that include establishing County policies, reviewing the administration of government, appropriating funding, levying taxes, reviewing and adopting the annual budget and enacting resolutions and local laws. These responsibilities are defined in the New York State Constitution and the Laws of the State of New York.

         The current seven-member structure of the Board of Legislators has been in force since 1970. Previously, the County was governed by a nineteen-member Board of Supervisors and each one represented one of the County's nineteen towns. Today, these 19 towns are divided into seven districts of equal population, which allows each legislator to represent the same number of county residents and in some districts, across multiple municipalities. Every ten years, a reapportionment is developed to establish the seven districts and is based on the U.S. Census.

         Every January, the Board of Legislators re-organizes to select a chairman, vice-chairman, majority and minority leaders, and determine committee structures. The chairman, a position of considerable responsibility, appoints the chairman and members of each Standing Committee. He also serves as an ex-officio member on each Committee. The chairman's role is to preside over all meetings of the Legislature and represent the county and Legislature in various capacities.

         The County Legislature meets on the first and third Thursday of each month in the Legislative Chambers at the Franklin County Court House.  The Call to Order is at 11:30 a.m.  Prior to the Call to Order, meetings of the Standing Committees are held.  The public is welcome to attend both Regular Meetings and Standing Committee meetings. 



Members are Legislators Paul Maroun (Chair), Gordon Crossman and Carl Sherwin.  The committee  oversees eight departments/issues:

County Clerk
Board of Elections
County Manager
Negotiations & Grievance
County Attorney
County Coroners
Data Processing
Members are Legislators Barbara Rice (Chair), Paul Maroun and Guy "Tim" Smith. The committee oversees five departments/issues:

County Treasurer
County Auditor
Real Property
Economic Development & Planning 
Members are Legislators Carl Sherwin (Chair), Barbara Rice and Don Dabiew. The committee oversees nine departments/issues:

Industrial Development Agency & Tourism
Planning & Policy Development
Soil & Water
Cooperative Extension
Public Transportation

Franklin Snowmobilers
Human Resources 
Members are Legislators Gordon Crossman (Chair), Guy "Tim" Smith and Carl Sherwin. The committee oversees eight departments:

Public Health
Office for the Aging
Social Services
Community Services
Youth Bureau
Veterans Services
Public Safety 
Members are Legislators Donald Dabiew (Chair), Barbara Rice and Paul Maroun. The committee oversees seven departments:

District Attorney
Public and Conflict Defender
Sheriff & Jail
Emergency Services
Traffic Safety
Public Works & Services 
Members are Legislators Tim Smith (Chair), Gordon Crossman and Donald Dabiew. The committee oversees five departments/issues:

Buildings & Grounds
Solid Waste
Weights & Measures
Library & Museum

Chairman D. Billy Jones District 2 ()
Phone: 518-353-2041
Vice-Chair Barbara Rice District 7 ()
Phone: 637-7912 (Cell)
Majority Leader Guy "Tim" Smith District 1 ()
Phone: 518-358-2592
Minority Leader Paul Maroun District 6 ()
Phone: 518-359-3066
Gordon Crossman District 3 ()
Phone: 518-483-5634
Legislator Carl Sherwin District 4 ()
Phone: 481-5123
Legislator Donald Dabiew District 5 ()
Phone: 358-0049 (H) 521-7261 (Cell)
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