Civil Service Documents & County Forms - For County Departments

Table Of Contents:
Application for Examination or Employment

Please note that the Civil Service Application has been updated as of 1/18/16.  The previous version of the application will be accepted until May 1, 2016. 

The Cancer Screening Form must be printed on BLUE paper as it is color coded for processing.

Please be sure to print the MSD 426 on PINK paper as it is color coded for processing. The form is prepared in Microsoft Excel allowing information in fields to be typed, edited and saved electronically; however, do not make changes to the form.

This form is to be used for All Employees.

Step 1

When you open the new request to fill form, you will see a Security Warning at the top you will need
to  click the "OPTIONS" button that appears then go to step 2 below.

Step 2

When you click the "OPTIONS" button the Security Box will pop up on your screen.

You need to pick the statement of "Enable this content" and
click ok.

Step 3

Once enabled, type required information in the allowed
areas.  For management positions, type "Mgmt. A,B, C or D" depending on the class of the position.

  If you are unsure, please call.

Step 4

Once all information is entered, print, sign and send the original to the Personnel Office
Please retain a copy for your records.

If need assistant please call our office.

Please print this form on Yellow paper as it is color coded fro Processing.
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