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Exam Announcements for Civil Service

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APPLICATION FEE: A fee and separate application is required for each examination for which you apply. The required fee must accompany your application. A check or money order, payable to "Franklin County Personnel Department" shall indicate the examination number(s). If applying in person, cash will be accepted in the office.


In addition to the examination announcements electronically listed below, current exam announcements are physically posted on bulletin boards located on the 1st & 4th floors of the Franklin County Court House as well as at these off-site locations.


Application for Examination or Employment

Please note that the Civil Service Application has been updated as of 1/18/16.  The previous version of the application will be accepted until May 1, 2016. 

Please read the Alternate Test Date Policy prior to completing and submitting the application and supporting documentation.

The request for an Exam Fee Waiver must be submitted with the examination application. 


Civil Service Law Section 50.5(b):
". . . fees shall be waived for candidates who certify to the state civil service department . . . that they are unemployed and primarily responsible for the support of a household, or are receiving public assistance."


It is imperative that you maintain your current contact information with the Personnel Office during and after the examination process. When necessary, provide the Notification of Change Form to the address provided at the top of the form to update your civil service records. We cannot guarantee receipt of important Civil Service Exam information if contact details are not current.

Click the link above to see all the different posting locations for our civil service exam announcements.

If you are scheduled to take a State or another Local exam on the same date of the exam for which you applied, submit the Cross-Filer form with your exam application. If you learn of a conflicting exam date after filing your application with Franklin County, the Cross-Filer form must be either mailed or hand-delivered to the Personnel Office within two weeks (14 days) prior to the date of the exam. This provides time for Civil Service in Albany to ensure your testing material is at the appropriate examination site.

Please read the general instructions before applying for any Franklin County Civil Service Exams. 


Be prepared to endure the physical fitness standards if you are applying for the Police Officer & Deputy Sheriff/Correction Officer examinations.

You will be required to pass the physical examination in order to be eligible for employment.

A completed Veteran's Disability Record Authorization Form must accompany the Application for Veterans' Credits.  Please follow the directions on the first page of the scanned information and forward to the Regional Office that handles your claim.







Review the exam announcement thoroughly to ensure you meet the minimum qualifications and special requirements (if any) for each examination to which you apply.


No cell phones or electronic communication devices are allowed at the test site.


Candidates must submit the following:

1)  A completed Civil Service Application with training and experience detailed;

2)  A copy of College Transcript;

3)  Proof of admittance to NYS Bar;

4)  Filing Fee (cash, check or money order).

A list of the available Licensed Health Care Professions titles is available in the link above. 

All necessary documentation must accompany your application. 

For example, if CPR certification is required, a copy of your valid CPR certificate must be provided with your application. 

A $10 filing fee for each title to which you apply must accompany the application. 


Questions may be directed to the Personnel Office.


The links below will take you to the current job description on file for the specific title.

Community Health Nurse - (Click here)

Supervising Community Health Nurse - (Click here)

Physical Therapist - (Click here)

Physical Therapist Assistant - (Click here)

Occupational Therapist - (Click here)

Occupational Therapist Assistant - (Click here

Fire Driver #66-316; Last Date to File 3/10/18

Application must be received in the Personnel Office or postmarked by 3/10/18. 

Filing Fee must accompany completed application.



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