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EMS-1Scott Harwood EMS Coordinator (518-483-8110)  


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Franklin County EMS Agencies


EMS Instructors:

Julie Harjung CIC 

Bill Martin CIC 

Vicki Rockhill CIC

Darwin Trombley CIC


EMT Training Courses: Current Regional Courses


3 Year-Core Content Refresher Information: NYS-DOH Burea of EMS

The existing NYS EMT-B Pilot Refresher Program requires 24 "Core Content" Hours and 48 "Continuing Medical Education" Hours. (see schedules below)


NYS-DOH - Recent Policy Statements: 

Cumulative List of Policy Statements


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Adirondack Area Network



EMS-1 CoverageFranklin County EMS Programs:

Franklin County First Response Agency (FC-FRA / EMS-1)   

The primary purpose and mission of the FC-FRA is to provide Volunteer Fire Department based Ambulance units in Northern Franklin County with a certified NYS-EMT Basic during business hours when they cannot respond to EMS calls because of their very limited and unpredictable daytime volunteer staffing.  The FC-FRA will provide a BLSFR unit that is staffed with an NYS-EMT Basic that can respond upon established or on demand requests to provide minimum NYS-DOH required staffing for Volunteer Fire Department based Ambulance units.


FC-FRA's service area within Northern Franklin County will include the Town of Bangor, Bellmont, Bombay, Brandon, Burke, Chateaugay, Constable, Dickinson, Duane, Ft. Covington, Malone, Moira, Westville, and parts of the Towns of Brighton, Franklin, Santa Clara, and Waverly.


Franklin County EMS Communications Network (FC-EMSCN)

The purpose of the FC-EMSCN is to provide a VHF high band radio communications network for EMS within Franklin County.  This new network establishes a dedicated county wide EMS frequency via county wide repeaters and initial radio communications equipment for all Franklin County EMS agencies.  The primary goal of this new network is to provide for increased interoperability between county EMS agencies and the sharing of resources between these EMS agencies and other groups involved in pre-hospital healthcare including Franklin County Public Health. 


Network Participants include Franklin County Emergency Services, All Franklin County Fire and EMS Agencies, Franklin County Public Health, and Alice Hyde Medical Center.  

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